The Word of God has never come into the world without a face.  In the record of Scripture, God always chose a person to go with the message.  The original messengers of God’s Word were called “nabi," a Hebrew word meaning the mouthpiece of God.  We, however, are probably more familiar with the word “prophet”.  The word prophet comes from the Greek term “pro-phetes," meaning one who speaks on behalf of the gods.  In biblical times, the prophets did not act on the own initiative.  They did not compose sermons to read in the assembly or present their own agenda.  Rather they saw their business principally as a delivery service.  First they listened for God’s Word themselves.  Then, they got up the courage to deliver the message.  Likewise, the modern Lector (Reader) choose to speak for God.  This encounter with God’s Word is a life-altering experience.  It is an amazing experience, for as we are changed, those around us change, and one by one, we may change the world!

In the role of lector we do not have to wonder if people are attentive to the message, if the assembly is being converted, or if the world is being saved by our efforts.  All we have to do , as our first and most vital service to the Word of God, is to let it claim us.  God will take it from there.

We are always looking for good lectors — people who are willing to let God speak to them through Scripture.  If you feel you are called to this Ministry, and speak clearly and loudly so the parish congregation can hear your voice, consider joining this Ministry. 

For more information, contact Tim O'Connor (941-753-5634 or musicmaker@sjcfl.org).