Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a worldwide organization of lay people, priests and religious under the patronage of our Blessed Mother; One with Mary’s love and Mary’s will, dedicated to bring Christ Our Lord to the world and to the souls who need Him.

Frank Duff who was so impressed by the writings of Saint Louis Mare de Montfort on the true devotion to the Blessed Mother that he felt compelled to start a movement which wold spread all over the world.  That was over ninety years ago!  From Ireland the Legion has spread around the world and is especially active in areas where there is a shortage of clergy and the lay people have been very busy spreading the message of the Legion, which is:

*Conserving the Faith,

*Consolation to those who are hurting, and

*Conversion of those who are searching for truth.

Holy Queen Mother of Mercy, the presidium of the Legion of Mary at St. Joseph, invites all Catholics 18 years and older to join us in our Ministry.  There are two arms of the Legion:  active members and auxiliary members.

Assignments can include visiting nursing homes, bringing the Eucharist to hospitals and shut-ins, teaching religious education, scheduling visits of the Pilgrim Virgin Statute to homes and times for visitation to the Adoration Chapel.  They also work with many other Ministries within St. Joseph Parish.

Auxiliary members are the praying arm of the Legion.  They pray the rosary and special Legion prayers each day and a very important part of this lay Ministry. 

Junior Legion of Mary was created to perform duties identical to the Legion of Mary, however it is open to Parishioners from eight to eighteen years of age.  Their work is appropriate to age and is mentored by our Pastor, Senior Legion President and Spiritual Director.  

For more information please contact the Parish Office (941-756-3732 or info@sjcfl.org).