Environment/Worship Space

The Environment Team strives to enhance the sacramental and prayer areas of the Church, hoping to surround all with the love and beauty of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  These enhancements are meant to give us a means to celebrate and share our faith with one another.

We are always looking for new members.  God has blessed us all with special gifts and what better way to use them then through the worship of Our Lord.  Some will have gifts of creativity, flower arranging, plant care, ironing cloths, sewing, cleaning and organizing.  Others may work well with tools, climbing ladders, assisting in lifting heavier items.  Sometimes we don’t even recognizing our gifts, but it will be shown to us!  Come and join us and show your love and gifts from the Lord!

For more information please contact the Parish Office (941.756.3732 or info@sjcfl.org).